Social activities

In the Capital of Scandinavia, there’s never a dull moment. Choose between outdoor activities, culture, history, shopping and more.

Stockholm by the water

Stockholm by water

Stockholm is built on 14 islands, scattered like green gems in water so clean that you can go swimming in the city center. Rent your own island, go kayaking with your group or enjoy dinner on a steamboat.
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Man reading in grass

Green Stockholm

Stockholm consists of one third built-up areas, one third green spaces and one third sparkling water. Experience the contrast between the cosmopolitan city and the unspoilt nature that lends Stockholm a quality of life that’s hard to match. Love and respect for nature are key elements of the Swedish soul and sustainability is always high on the agenda.
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People at Berns

Magical evenings in unusual surroundings

Modern Swedish cuisine, with its irresistible fusion of old Swedish recipes and global influences, has gained international acclaim over the last decade. Let your group experience an evening in extraordinary settings, where organic and locally produced ingredients play a leading role.
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Woman at a museum

City of culture and design

World-class museums, art galleries, theaters and music stages are found wherever you go in Stockholm. We can get you unique access to many of these – “after hours”. Discover Swedish design and see the city the way ABBA saw it or follow in the footsteps of Lisbeth Salander from the Millennium trilogy.
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Buildings and sky

Historical Stockholm

The Swedish capital is an eclectic blend of ultra-modern and medieval. The city itself is full of historic tales best experienced in the company of a guide. At the world’s oldest outdoor museum, your group can learn the basics of Swedish handicraft.
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