Subway train crosses bridge

Within Stockholm

Thanks to Stockholm’s safe, punctual and efficient public transport system, meeting-participants can quickly travel between different locations. In compact and cozy Stockholm, everything is right on your doorstep.

Fast and safe public transport

The city’s extensive and well-organized transport infrastructure ranks among the best in Europe. Travel within the city by bus, subway or tram. Or why not take advantage of the fact that Stockholm is built on 14 islands and go by boat, for example from the Old Town to beautiful Djurgården? Stockholm’s major conference venues are easily reached in only 10-15 minutes by public transport. Several venues are located in the city center, within easy walking distance.

Travel cards

The public transport company in Greater Stockholm, SL, offers delegates in Stockholm a special rate on Congress Cards for unlimited travel in the Stockholm area during their stay. Please contact Stockholm Convention Bureau


Credit cards are readily accepted!

Please note: Taxi fares in Sweden aren't regulated, which means that prices can vary significantly between companies. With this in mind, we recommend that you use the services of our taxi partners: Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020 and Taxi Kurir.

Coach charter

In Stockholm there are several transport companies that offer customized alternatives for large and small groups. Our partner companies will help you with everything from longer journeys and commitments to shorter trips within Stockholm city. See "Our Partners", below.

Walk or bike

Stockholm is a compact city, and the best way to explore it is on foot. Grab a map and put on a comfortable pair of shoes.  Or do like the locals – hop on a bicycle. It is fast, easy and green, and you can rent a bicycle for a small fee.

Lost? Don’t worry!

Asking the way is easy since Swedes generally speak excellent English (many also speak German, French or Spanish). Stockholm is a safe city; you don’t have to worry about ending up in a bad neighborhood.


Our partners

Taxi Stockholm AB

Transport company

Luntmakargatan 64

+46 8 15 00 00

Taxi 020 AB

Transport company

Löfströms allé 7

+46 8 85 04 00

Taxi Kurir i Stockholm AB

Transport company

+46 8 744 94 42

Ekman Buss

Transport company

Frihamnsgatan 27

+46 8 120 045 20

Delfinbuss AB

Transport company

Magnus Ladulåsgatan 51

+46 8 556 088 80

Flygbussarna Charter

Transport company

+46 8 479 32 79

Interbus AB

Transport company

+46 8 727 90 00

Traveller Buss AB

Transport company

Vretvägen 1

+46 8 556 688 00

Westin Buss

Transport company

+46 8 545 424 20