Welcome to My Guide!

With My Guide, meeting planners can explore the variety of venues Stockholm has to offer, and share their selection with clients in an very easy and practical way. So, how does it work?

Adding a venue or a page to My Guide

You can add the venues you selected as suitable to your meeting by clicking the “Add to My Guide” button, present throughout the site. You can add venues, relevant articles and partner lists.

Click on the “Add to My Guide” button on the page you want to add. Once added, the My Guide button (top right of your screen) will change from empty, like showed in the above image... ...to displaying the new added item in a blue circle. Each new item is added to that number.



Adding a venue to your guide from the venue finder

Click on “Venue Finder”, on the top blue navigation bar. Click in a venue icon to open up its details. Then click in “Add to My Guide”. The added item will be displayed in the My Guide button (top right in the screen).



Removing a venue

Click on the My Guide button (top right on your screen) You’ll land in the My Guide page. There you can remove items by clicking in its respective “Remove from My Guide” button. You can also remove an added item by clicking the “Remove from My Guide” button on the item’s page.



The My Guide bar

The My Guide bar is located in the top right of your screen.  It will follow you wherever you go on the website, and it’s you link to you own My Guide page.  Through the bar you can also check how many items have been collected to your My Guide page.