EASD: "Sustainability is an important deciding factor"

Bärbel Magdalena Niedenhof, Conference Manager at EASD

The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) held its 46th annual meeting in Stockholm. The word “meeting” doesn’t quite convey the scale of the event. 17,300 delegates participated in the five-day conference in September 2010.

Bärbel Magdalena NiedenhofWe asked Bärbel Magdalena Niedenhof, the Conference Manager at EASD, about her impression of Stockholm as a meeting destination.

Why did you choose Stockholm?

We simply wanted to hold a meeting in Stockholm and knew the venue was perfect.

Sustainability is an important deciding factor since there are only a few venues in Europe with ideal conditions for hosting major medical conferences with more than 17,000 participants.

What is your impression of...


Stockholmsmässan is definitely one of the top venues in Europe. Cooperation with Stockholmsmässan was highly successful. Our counterparts/contact persons were flexible, professional and always friendly. Communication was never an issue due to their excellent command of English and whenever a problem had to be solved, they came up with good solutions.

…hotels in Stockholm?

For smaller and medium congresses the accommodation situation is satisfactory, but for major medical congresses like EASD, the hotel capacity in the city should be increased. With more than 17,000 delegates—staying for a whole week—the availability of hotel rooms in the city can be a bit problematic some weeks before the congress.

…public transport?

Daily transport of 17,300 delegates went smoothly without major lines and crowds.

Would you recommend Stockholm as a meeting destination?

Yes, definitely. My overall impression of Stockholm is brilliant. Stockholm is modern and international as well as a historic city with a rich cultural life and a wide selection of museums and other attractions—not to mention surrounded by a magnificent maritime landscape.

There are plenty of restaurants with both Swedish/Scandinavian and international cuisine. The city is also ideal for high quality shopping with a clean and safe ambience.

People in Stockholm have excellent language skills, are always friendly, very kind and helpful.