ESHRE: "Stockholm definitely delivers value for money"

Bruno Van den Eede, Managing Director of ESHRE

The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) held one of its best-organized meetings ever in Stockholm in July 2011. The convention center, transportation and helpful attitudes of staff everywhere made the meeting a success.

Bruno Van den EedeBruno Van den Eede, Managing Director of ESHRE, tells us about the 27th Annual Meeting, attended by more than 8,300 delegates.

Why did you choose Stockholm?

The main reason was that Stockholmsmässan, the convention center, met our requirements. They were able to offer the necessary meeting rooms and related facilities. Other considerations were accessibility and possibilities to arrange social activities.

What is your impression of...

…the Stockholm Convention Bureau?

The Stockholm Convention Bureau was very helpful. They guided us through the whole process and put together all the information needed to help our board make their final decision.

We went to Stockholm on a site visit, and the Stockholm Convention Bureau showed us the convention center, the city, different hotels and transportation. We also had a look at some possible venues for social functions.


A survey shows that the participants were very satisfied with the facilities and services. To put it in a nutshell, it was one of our best-organized meetings. The people at Stockholmsmässan made it very easy for us to organize our meeting. They were helpful in every possible way.

…hotels in Stockholm?

It went very well. I think that everyone was accommodated within a reasonable distance from the conference venue. I think that the standards of the hotel rooms were quite high.

…public transport?

This was a major point where Stockholm was very different and much better than other meeting destinations. The transportation went smoothly, and we managed to make an agreement where our participants could use their badges as transportation vouchers.

…the possibility to organize social activities in Stockholm?

At the Vasa Museum, we arranged a big conference party for 800 people. They enjoyed a buffet, music and the chance to visit the museum.

We also had several smaller functions for committees and our speakers, for example a highly appreciated speakers’ dinner for 120 people in the City Hall, where the Nobel Prize award ceremony takes place. The history of Alfred Nobel and the interior of the Golden Hall added to the atmosphere.

Would you recommend Stockholm as a meeting destination?

Yes, most certainly. It was so easy to organize a meeting here. The reliability of the services and the convention center itself were great for our meeting. People speak English so there were no language barriers.

The relations we built with local people and the way that they dealt with us, which was friendly and helpful, stood out from other venues that we have been to in the past.

People enjoyed staying in Stockholm. They thought it was a friendly and safe town that is pleasant to walk around in, and there are plenty of nice restaurants.

Stockholm is perhaps not the cheapest venue but it definitely delivers value for money.